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Q & A

We would like to thank everyone for their interest in our team and for those who have requested more information about our life, here it is! Many kids send questions about mushing, Alaska, Iditarod and sled dogs. Here are a few selected questions and answers we would like to share, in hopes of encouraging public input and support of the sport of dog mushing. 

  • How many dogs do you have? Oct. 2013

    At the moment we have 37 adults in training, 3 retired dogs, 11 4-5 month old puppies, and 3 2-week-old puppies. I guess that is about 54 in total. We generally keep our kennel around 40-50 dogs.
  • What made you want to run the Iditarod? Oct. 2013

    This is a tough question for me to answer because there are so many reasons. I guess in many ways I feel that I was destined to run Iditarod. I grew up with dogs and although I never planned to run Iditarod, I recently found myself in prime position to give it a shot. After a long break from dogs, I came to Alaska 3 years ago to see if mushing still gave me any thrills. Turns out it did, and my competitive nature really got me hooked on racing. I ultimately decided that I was going to do the big race right around Iditarod time last year. I had just completed a 300 mile qualifier race and found it to be more fun than I had expected, so much more that when I got to the finish line I wanted to keep going. This made me wonder just what it would feel like to go 1000 miles by dog team! Within another month I had fully completed my 750 miles of qualifying races and was set to move forward with the new plan. Having a mission to spread the important message that Bristol Bay is a sacred place bearing one of nature’s most perfect resource, salmon, has also inspired me to run this year. The Iditarod receives more publicity than any other sled dog race in the world and I hope to capitalize on this in hopes of keeping Alaska wild. Probably the biggest reason that I want to/am excited to run Iditarod is because of our dogs. We have an amazing group of young dogs who love nothing more than to run on new trails and camp under the stars with their master. The bond that we already share overwhelms me and, no matter what happens one thing is for sure, our bond will undoubtedly be stronger after those 2 weeks on the trail. Hopefully this race is going to be the just beginning for this team. I think that they could have what it takes to be world champions someday. Winning the Iditarod someday is our dream and this year’s race is just a small part of that goal.
  • How will you start a fire on the trail? Oct. 2013

    Yes, lighters can freeze up on the trail. The trick is to keep them someplace warm, an inside pocket or in your mitten works well. And always have back ups and waterproof matches, and back ups of those. Equally important is having some good fire starter, newspaper works as well as Heet (our cooker fuel). But the most important part is to have dry firewood. Someplace on the trail there is no problem finding it, other places (like on the river or sea ice) it is very scarce and you might have pack it with if you plan to have a fire.
  • What are your dogs names? Dec. 2014

    Blue Steel, SirRacha, Winston, Libra, Kavlar, Dolce, Scorpio, Cash, Marco, BigHorn, Picante, Jalapeño, Shakira, Ziggy, Lucy, McGruff, Smoky, Slash, Jewel, Moto, Ravn, Manilex, Dahl, Stony, Gabbana, Mowgli, Pepsi, Baloo, Jett, Squall, Ice, Zombie, Brutus, Dweezil, Sue, Tomatuk, Bob Dylan, Billy, voodoo, Spit Fire, RiverRat, GraveDigger, Eagle, Johnny, Polly, Polar Bear, Bagheera, StinkFoot, Eagle.

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