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2015 Team Zappa Iditarod Sponsors

We are incredibly grateful for the generosity of our sponsors. These guys truly believe in our team and give us the means to get to the starting line. Thank You All so Very Much!!!!  Just to run Iditarod alone it will cost us about $25,000. Without the support of many groups, companies and individuals, Iditarod would not be possible for Team Zappa. If you are interested in helping the team please contact us.  While many others have helped us immensely over the years, this list is only for the 2014-15 mushing season. 

  • Musicians United to Protect Bristol Bay

    For the second year this amazing group of musician activists have stepped up to become Team Zappa's main lead dog sponsors! We share a common passion for keeping clean water and wild salmon Alaska's mainstay.
  • Posh House

    Designer Deborah Ives has been a key sponsor and amazing friend to us. Her gear is warm, light, durable, beautiful and all custom made right in Ninilchik, AK!
  • Petchup

    A pet food condiment company that makes salmon, turkey, and beef flavorings to mix with kibble that is tasty and nutritious. We have been experiencing the benefits of adding Petchup to our feeding program for over a year now.
  • Plant Therapy

    Pure essential oils help ease aches and pains as well as skin and paw issues for the dogs and the mushers alike.
  • Back Bay Medical

    We met these awesome folks this year when they came up from Chatanooga, TN to work in AK for the year. They turned into big Iditarod fans and awesome supporters!
  • Twin Rivers Liquor Store

    The best little store in Ninilchik has been so supportive of Team Zappa. The only place to purchase Team Zappa gear in town.
  • Cozier with Fur

    Custom made fur hats and mitts by my mom, Della Lane
  • Snug Harbor Seafoods

    Not only does Snug buy our wild caught salmon in the summer, they also provide salmon trail snacks for the racing season.
  • Jim Calhane

    Our amazingly talented friend Jim designed and created the most efficient and user friendly dog food cooker we have ever seen! What a cool and practical sponsorship!
  • Randy & Jane Adkins

    These great friends and summertime neighbors are once again providing a portion of the trail snacks for the doggies!
  • Vivienne Bell & Mary Hundorf DVM

    A giant heart for dogs and a desire to learn about the sport has made us great new friends.
  • Tilgner's Ruby Red Sockeye

    These guys have helped us out tremendously with our trail snacks for the season.
  • Grandma Lee

    We are so lucky to have such a supportive family back in Wisconsin! Grandma's church, Long Lake Lutheran Church has also helped our team out.
  • Special Thanks for my Trail Food

    Rosco's Pizza in Ninilchik, Nutiva-Nourishing People and Plannet, Deb Ives, Della Lane & Jack Link's Beef Jerky
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