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Mushing for Salmon

In the summer time we make our livelihood fishing in the ocean of the Cook Inlet. We understand the true value of wild AK salmon for all of Alaska and the world, and the disastrous impacts that mining industries across the globe bring to wild salmon populations. Therefore, we have dedicated every mile mushed since 2012 to Mushing for Bristol Bay and protecting Alaska's salmon habitat. The Pebble Mine is a potential massive gold/copper mine that threatens Alaska's most productive wild salmon spawn. In the winter of 2012 we began our Mushing for a Cause mission with a trip to the Midwest. Since that mission we have been carrying the “Clean Water/ Wild Salmon=No Pebble Mine” flag every mile! On Iditarod 2014, Team Zappa's rookie run, our team brought informative packets to the villages along the trail, and on Iditarod 2015, 2016 & 2017 we have continued to spread the message that Alaska's salmon deserve perminant protection.  Overall the mission is received very favorably among Alaskans and fans alike. Over 80% of Alaskans oppose the Pebble Mine in Bristol Bay.


We have worked with the following advocacy groups to spread our message in Alaska and beyond!

Save Bristol Bay - Trout Unlimited

Renewable Resources Coalition

Musicians United to Protect Bristol Bay

Cook Inlet Keeper

Stand 4 Salmon

Alaska Community Action On Toxics

Earth Justice

While the threat of the Pebble Mine is not completely dead, it is much more dormant than it was a few years ago, investors have dropped the project because of high risk factors and court rulings have decided that the EPA was legitimate in declaring that this mine would adversely impact the world famous salmon spawns in Bristol Bay. In the summer of 2015 we had the opportunity to participate in the fishery in Bristol Bay where we setnetted salmon in Egegik. It was a dream come true to witness the pure and unspoiled beauty of this region. 

With the improvement of mining technology and the global demand for gold, land and waterways in Alaska will continue to be threatened by foreign mining giants. The fight is far from over in Bristol Bay and across our state. We will continue to organize, activate and educate for the salmon as long as the blood runs throug our body!  

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