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Meet the Kennel

We are so lucky to have so many awesome dogs in our life! These guys really are our family and we love them as such. They are not only amazing athleetes but sweet, loving, and always excited to see us.

Click on the dog's picture above for more information about them.

If you would like to get involved in our team, sponsoring a dog is a great way to help us and track your dog's progress. Each dog sponsorship comes with a free kennel tour to meet/pick your dog and a picture of your dog. Lead dog sponsors get a free dog ride this winter, the dog tag they wore in Iditarod (if they made the team) and a Team Zappa sweatshirt. Team dog sponsors get a team T-shirt. Each dog can recieve only one Lead Dog sponsor but unlimited Team Dog sponsors. 

The bills for keeping a kennel of 50 sled dogs are endless. Food alone costs us $75/day. Then there is vaccinations, medications, vet bills, houses, chains, snaps, straw, dishes, harnesses, the list goes on.... Bottom line, dog mushing is VERY expensive! On average we spend about $1000 per dog each year. Any help that the dogs can get will help gurantee the dogs are getting the best available food, care, and equipment. AAAAWWWWWOOOOOOOOOO (Thank you in Dog language!)

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