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2016 Iditarod Team

2016 Iditarod Team

I was so proud of the pool of dogs that I had to pick from for our Iditarod 2016 team. The top 24 were all capable of the mission, and a few last minute injuries (inlcuding my hopful Dweezil) helped me narrow it to the main 16. I only dropped 3 dogs in the race.

Winston was dropped early in Finger Lake because of a disappointing shoulder injury, likely due to deep soft spots in the trail. We left Gabbana in Ophir due to her picky appetite and the beginning signs of a bug. Then, goof ball, Baloo, stayed in Galena because he absolutely refused to run on the glare ice of the Yukon River. He was perfectly healthy, but once I stopped to check on him, he jumped in my basket faster than he had moved in days. "I will ride here!" he says, and tucked himself into the sled bag. Really... that’s how it happened!

We made it to Nome with 13, they were:

Leaders:Blue Steel (main,  single lead for most of the way), Big Horn (ran single just behind Blue Steel), Manilex (also ran some lead early)

Team: Libra, Dahl, Shakira, Piney, Kevlar, Jett, Moto, Jewel, Squall, Ziggy.

They all finished in beautiful shape and were ready to go the next day! I am so very proud of this team we have made over the past 5 years!

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