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2015 Iditarod Team

We had a lot of nice, young dogs to choose from this season. The choice was difficult, but it ended up being Blue Steel, Gabbana, Libra, Ziggy, Piney, Squall, Winston, Sriracha, Picante, Dahl, Stoney, Manilex, Cash, Mowgli, Moto, and Shikira at the starting line in Fairbanks. Four dogs (Ziggy, Shakira,  Picante and Dahl) were dropped on the way to Nome due to minor injuries leaving the remaining 12 to finish. They all crossed the finish line strong and healthy. While we try our best to get the whole team to the finish line, 1000 miles is a long, long ways and as with any athelete, sore joints and muscles happen. The same is true with dogs and mushing, it is up to the musher to make the best decision for each individual dog when it comes to dropped dogs. 

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